Using Kratom to Curb Opioid Addiction and Dependency

Like countless other drugs, opioids are known to cause dependency. Without them, people with long-term opioid habits report symptoms such as diarrhea, cold sweats, uncontrollable shaking, and moderate to severe discomfort.

Many opioid users say that they keep using opioids solely to avoid opioid withdrawal. Fortunately, people who are addicted to these potentially life-changing drugs have several options for entering recovery. When used responsibly, kratom can serve as a gateway to achieving long-term recovery from substance use issues.

If you’re suffering from opioid addiction or dependency, always get help from a licensed addiction treatment provider. This article does not constitute medical advice. However, based on our own experience and the anecdotes of thousands of kratom users around the world, it’s clear that kratom has utility in curbing opioid addiction and dependency.

Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of what you can expect when using kratom to deal with opioid addiction. We’ll also provide some important insight to kratom that you might not have known about.


Kratom Can Also Cause Dependency

Just like other opioid replacements, kratom is also known to cause chemical dependency. Although many reports claim that kratom withdrawal is far less serious than opioid withdrawal, for example, it’s still dependency.

With this in mind, try to use as little kratom as possible. You should also strive to take days off from Mitragyna speciosa if possible. As long as you know that kratom also causes dependency, however, how you’ll use it is entirely up to you.


Are Strains All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

After a few minutes of shopping for kratom, you’ll find all sorts of strain names. Some common strains include red Bali, Maeng Da, and green Borneo. Although many vendors share the same variety names, most vendors have at least one or two varieties that aren’t very popular.

As a beginner, don’t buy into strain names too much. Kratom leaves have different characteristics based on when they’re harvested. Some relevant factors include rainfall and tree maturity.

Most kratom trees grow in the wild in Indonesia, a country that doesn’t have much land to spare. Despite what some vendors may tell you, there are very, very few kratom farms throughout Southeast Asia.

Outside of harvesting factors, kratom processors further differentiate their products by using different curing and drying strategies. For example, some leaves are dried and cured in the sun, whereas others are hung up in climate-controlled rooms under certain types of ultraviolet light. Ultimately, these drying and buying methods produce different types of kratom with different effects.

You can try the sun-curing method on your own! Put some white or green kratom in a plastic bag or a glass jar outdoors. Make sure it’s in the sunlight. If it’s not sunny outside today, wait for another day to try this experiment.

After leaving it outside for a full day, bring it inside. You’ll notice that the kratom is much darker. It’ll take on a red or brown color. This is one way that kratom processors get red or brown varieties.

At the end of the day, kratom varieties do have differences. However, you shouldn’t be willing to pay astronomical prices for varieties that you haven’t heard of or that claim to be especially strong or unique.


Where Can You Buy Kratom?

As long as kratom isn’t legal where you live, you can probably buy kratom at a convenience store or head shop near you. We recommend avoiding these retailers, however.

Gas stations and head shops buy prepackaged kratom from retailers like us. Since the supply chain is longer, consumers have no choice but to pay more for kratom. Kratom sold in these stores can also be older than products purchased from specialized kratom vendors. You wouldn’t choose supermarkets that consistently sell old, overripe produce, would you?

Look through our e-commerce store for good kratom. We’ve got a great variety of products, including pre-capped kratom. If you decide to buy elsewhere, make sure to buy from places that sell reasonably priced kratom who uphold the kratom industry’s reputation.

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