Things to Think About Before You Buy Kratom

Although estimates vary wildly, the American Kratom Association reports that the United States has just short of five million active kratom consumers.

Currently, much information about the number of kratom vendors isn’t known. However, based on our many years of hands-on experience with Mitragyna speciosa, we have a good idea of what the modern kratom market consists of. We’ve decided to pass on our knowledge to kratom lovers like you with this article.

In this article, we’ll cover a few areas of thought that you should consider before pulling the trigger or any kratom vendor. Ultimately, however, always go with your gut instinct. We recommend combining this article’s thoughts with your own decision-making to ensure you always source high-quality Mitragyna speciosa products from reliable vendors.


Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Like with most goods, you can purchase kratom online or from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers across the nation.


Buying Kratom In Person

Currently, you won’t find kratom in many major supermarkets such as Walmart or Target. You also aren’t likely to find any Mitragyna speciosa in local grocery stores, either.

Based on our experience, you’re most likely to find kratom in not-so-reputable stores such as gas stations, music stores, and head shops. Although convenience stores fill an important role in countless local markets across the United States, we think they’re bad places to buy kratom for a few reasons:

  • They don’t care about the kratom industry’s reputation.
  • They’re simply interested in earning money.
  • They’re willing to buy kratom from unscrupulous vendors.
  • They often sell kratom alongside “legal highs.”
  • Many gas station owner-operators purposely advertise kratom as substances that offer quick, cheap highs.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you decide to buy kratom from a convenience store once or twice. However, by supporting gas stations that sell kratom, you’re actively hindering the kratom community’s reputation.

Since you’ve purchased kratom before, it’s safe to assume that you like these products and think that others should be legally allowed to buy them, too. However, supporting seedy vendors is a great way to ruin our collective reputation and give the FDA, DEA, and law enforcement agencies good reason to make this botanical supplement illegal.

In addition, these retailers typically don’t have good return policies. They also tend to not have any quality controls. Here’s another thing to consider: Since head shops and convenience stores buy kratom from vendors like us, they charge higher prices than you’d pay if you bought directly from us — or any other vendor, for that matter.

Lastly, due to supporting a longer supply chain, you’re more likely to purchase stale or out-of-date kratom. Although kratom doesn’t quickly spoil like milk, beef, or vegetables, many kratom lovers believe that fresh Mitragyna speciosa tastes better and offers a better overall experience.


Buying Kratom Online

Convenience stores ultimately serve one purpose: to make money by exploiting consumers’ unwillingness or inability to shop at low-price retailers such as supermarkets and grocery stores. The same can’t be said for kratom vendors.

We only sell kratom because that’s what we specialize in. Here at Red Dragon Kratom, we feel like our years of hands-on Mitragyna speciosa experience sets us apart from the crowd. We also think that our extensive experience in the industry helps protect consumers like you from low-quality and overpriced products.

When you buy kratom from us, rest assured that we package our own products. We purchase our raw materials directly from overseas vendors in Indonesia. This short chain of command ensures we always have fresh stock.

This short supply chain also helps you save money. Unlike the in-person shops mentioned above, our supply costs go directly to hard-working Indonesian harvesters and processors. Our operating costs don’t pay uncharges from other domestic retailers, in turn passing on higher costs to you.


What Products Do Vendors Sell?

Admittedly, advertising and marketing campaigns aren’t yet commonplace in the kratom industry. For at least the next several years, you won’t see any nationwide television advertisements for kratom brands.

Companies use these advertising strategies to promote their brand image. For example, after years of watching Allstate or State Farm commercials throughout childhood, young adults are likely to turn to these companies for car insurance instead of shopping around with local insurers.

Despite the lack of major marketing campaigns for kratom brands, many kratom lovers trust the first brand they come across because they like their logos or websites. Beginners may also exclusively support a single kratom brand because of a friend’s recommendation, for example.

Before becoming a loyal, unwavering supporter of any company that sells Mitragyna speciosa products, make sure they stock the products you’re looking for.


Finely Ground Kratom Powder

Powdered kratom is so popular that most vendors don’t even call it kratom powder; rather, consumers have grown to expect powdered Mitragyna speciosa leaves. Without question, finely ground powder is the most common form of kratom on the modern market.




Many supplements come pre-capped in capsules. Although not the norm with kratom, many vendors sell pre-capped kratom capsules.

Surprisingly, some vendors still haven’t caught on to this capsule trend. Even if you’d rather take powdered kratom, it might be a good idea to select vendors with broad varieties of products.

Vendors who have great varieties of goods usually get similarly great support from customers. Businesses with broader customer bases are typically better able to adapt to market changes and regulatory scrutiny. Even if you’re looking for boutique kratom vendors, you should always settle on retailers that sell pre-capped kratom capsules.


Crushed Kratom Leaf

In general, people who take kratom won’t have any use for crushed kratom leaves. If you think swallowing powdered kratom is difficult, try doing the same with crushed leaf. Some people compare swallowing crushed Mitragyna speciosa leaves to swallowing coarsely ground pepper.

On the upside, crushed leaf is great for brewing kratom tea [LINK TO “TIPS FOR BREWING KRATOM TEA”]. Crushed leaf can be hard to find on today’s market. Most Indonesian kratom processors mill their products before exporting them to the United States instead of selling crushed leaves.

If you’re a big fan of kratom tea, finding vendors that sell crushed leaf might be a good idea. Otherwise, searching for retailers that sell this product isn’t important.


Do Your Vendors Embrace Samples?

Companies with new products often pay salespeople to promote those goods in supermarkets by offering free samples. Well-known consumer goods, on the other hand, already have steady sales and don’t need samples to generate interest.

This common way of business doesn’t transfer over to the kratom industry. Rather, most reputable kratom vendors offer samples on their websites.

Since the industry’s leading vendors run on mail delivery, they can’t afford to ship free samples to every potential customer who asks. However, many of the most well-reviewed vendors do sell mix-and-match sample packs.

For example, here at Red Dragon Kratom, we sell kratom powder sample packs that consist of five 30-gram bags of different strains. You can choose from 32 strains in total, including green, white, red, and mixed sample packs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, buying sample packs is a great way to discover which varieties you like best. Although there aren’t any true Mitragyna speciosa strains, per se, in the wild, vendors do create blends that offer different effects by mixing together leaves that are processed with various curing and drying methods.


Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, do your due diligence before settling on any kratom vendor. If you’d like to learn more about Red Dragon Kratom, reach out to us for a quick response!

Admittedly, buying kratom from online vendors does require you to wait a few days for your delivery to come in. Although this might be an issue at first, lead time doesn’t always need to be an issue. Since our kratom is so affordable, you can afford to buy new batches a week or more before your current supply runs out.


Return and Refund Policies

You’ll be hard-pressed to find convenience stores that buy wholesale kratom and package their own products. Because of this, they typically don’t offer return or refund policies. Although you might be able to cultivate personal relationships with owner-operators of stand-alone convenience stores or head shops, these retailers rarely maintain concrete, well-written return policies.

This isn’t true with us. On the contrary, we maintain a solid return and refund policy to give our loyal customers extra value.


Understanding Our In-House Return and Refund Policy

Here at Red Dragon Kratom, we stay true to our return and refund policy. You can read it for yourself in full by following this link or, if you’d rather read a condensed version, here’s the skinny on our return and refund policy:

We award refunds and product exchanges on a case-by-case basis. Since we value our customers so much, we typically grant most exchange and refund requests. To qualify, touch base with us at within 30 days of receiving your delivery via mail. We verify this date by checking the USPS or UPS tracking numbers that we attach to every order.

Although we approve some exchanges without requiring customers to send their deliveries back, you’ll typically need to send us your order along with a physical copy of your confirmation email.

We’re able to process returns and exchanges within one full week of receipt. Typically, we can process your request within one or two days of receiving your return. Upon approval, we offer three options: store credit, refund, and exchange.

If you select a refund, you’ll typically see it within five to seven business days. We’ll mail you a check if you chose to pay via cash on delivery.

For obvious reasons, we don’t approve refunds on products that have less than 50% of their original contents.


Think About Your Vendors Before Buying Their Products

Here at Red Dragon Kratom, we always sell our own products. In other words, you’ll never find us selling another vendor’s kratom powder, capsules, or other products.

Before pulling the trigger on any vendor, always ensure they sell their own products. Retailers that handle other vendors’ products always charge more for those goods than their original sellers. Supporting vendors that sell third-party products limits your ability to hold them accountable. For example, these vendors can simply blame stale, underweight, or bad products on their suppliers while eschewing all responsibility for their own actions.

You should also test kratom vendors in several other areas:


Test Their Customer Support

As we’ve already mentioned, you can get in touch with us by contacting You can also reach out by filling out our website’s contact form.

Although we can’t make you do anything, we think it’s important to contact potential kratom vendors before buying their products. You don’t need to transform into Inspector Gadget or your favorite NCIS interrogator. Rather, the purpose of testing customer support is to see how quickly and cordially companies respond.

If you’re not sure what to ask, ask for basic information about their products. You can also ask information about their return policies or typical shipping times.


Look for Terms and Conditions

You’re not human if you haven’t skipped over a website’s or computer program’s terms and conditions at least once.

Although making sense of terms and conditions can be difficult, interpretation isn’t important here. Rather, simply make sure your vendor has terms and conditions in the first place.

Here at Red Dragon Kratom, we have our own terms and conditions. Before supporting any kratom vendor, make sure they have terms and conditions of their own.

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