The Best Drinks to Toss-and-Wash Kratom With

Although millions of Americans are thought to use kratom on a regular basis, this impressive statistic can’t hide the fact that kratom tastes bad. Scroll across any internet forum that discusses kratom and you’ll find unanimous agreement that kratom has a notoriously bitter taste.

Just like food, kratom is meant to be absorbed by the digestive tract. Other routes of administration simply don’t work with this leafy green supplement. In other words, there’s no way to get around the fact that Mitragyna speciosa tastes bad.

On the bright side, toss-and-wash seems to be the most popular means of consuming kratom. If you don’t already know, this method involves scooping a spoonful of kratom on your tongue and quickly washing it down with a liquid. With this in mind, it can’t taste that bad, right?

We’ve searched the internet for the most highly reviewed drinks to toss-and-wash kratom with. After trying them ourselves, we’re here to report which liquids are our most favorite for this oh-so-popular method.


Chocolate Milk

I’ve been using kratom for over four years and have used chocolate milk since the beginning. Although I can still taste kratom through the chocolate milk, it does a great job of masking the taste and getting kratom down the hatch.

Thanks to its high sugar content, chocolate milk has high viscosity. This thickness neutralizes kratom’s hygrophobia, which is its tendency to resist water. If you haven’t already noticed, kratom clumps together when it comes in contact with moisture. In other words, it doesn’t smoothly mix into liquid like sugar, hot cocoa mix.


Orange Juice

Kratom consumers widely report using orange juice to better stomach kratom. Similar to chocolate milk, orange juice is more viscous than water, which helps hold kratom together without issue as it travels to the stomach.

Orange juice also has a strong flavor that helps overpower kratom’s bitterness. Even though orange juice has an element of sourness or bitterness itself, its strong acidic taste cuts through kratom’s notoriously bitter flavor.

This common breakfast drink won’t just help you dose kratom. It could also help you absorb more of kratom’s alkaloids. Research shows that mitragynine, the most prevalent alkaloid in kratom, is more readily absorbed when your stomach is more acidic.

Antacids increase your stomach’s pH levels, making it more basic. Avoid taking these before dosing kratom. Using acidic drinks such as orange juice could help you get more mileage out of your kratom.



Admittedly, water doesn’t do anything for masking the taste of kratom. As such, water is ideal for taking kratom if you don’t mind kratom’s bitter flavor profile.

As we’ve already mentioned, kratom doesn’t mix well with liquids. One way to mix kratom with liquids faster is by heating up the liquids you’re using. Since warm or hot water is almost certainly the easiest hot liquid at your immediate disposal, many people choose water as their desired kratom-dosing drink.

Some users report putting sweeteners into water to help stomach the flavor of kratom. Keep packets of sugar around to make this process more convenient and to avoid running out of sugar on accident. Honey is also popular for sweetening kratom drinks.


Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice isn’t nearly as sweet as orange juice though some kratom consumers swear by it as a kratom aid. With numerous varieties of grapefruit juice at most supermarkets, you should be able to find a brand of grapefruit juice that you enjoy drinking and that makes kratom go down easier.



Believe it or not, kratom is actually a close relative of tea. Both are in the Rubiaceae family, which is also home to coffee.

As it is, kratom tastes similar to tea. Including kratom in tea can help mask the unfavorable flavors of kratom and make them more tea-like in nature. Even if you don’t usually drink it, sweet tea may help you toss-and-wash kratom more easily.

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