Rewards Loyalty Program

We value your business and are willing to reward your loyalty by awarding points every time you make a purchase. These points can be redeemed on future purchases for discounts.

You can also receive additional points for the following:

  • 100 Points ($2) after your 1st order
  • 50 Points ($1) for a approved product review
  • 500 Points ($10) for you and 500($10) points for a referred friend after first purchase.
  • 50 Points for Instagram follow [COMING SOON]
  • 25 Points for Facebook Like or Share [COMING SOON]
  • 25 Points for Twitter Tweet [COMING SOON]

Loyalty Rewards Program Questions

How do I join the Loyalty Reward Program?

You are entered into the rewards program when you create and account as you make a purchase. You will be given a 100 point ($2) bonus when joining

Where do I go to see what my point value is?

Your Rewards Program management page here:

How do I redeem the reward points?

On the Cart or checkout page there is a field to submit how many points ($ Discount) to you current checkout. You can apply all or a partial amount and save for later.

What are the values of rewards points

1 point = .20 cents

How do I use my coupon code ?

Enter your Coupon code at top left side of Check Out page.