Kratom as an Opioid Substitute

As a species, we’ve used opioids for thousands of years. They first came into widespread use in the United States during the Civil War to alleviate wounded soldiers’ pain. Since then, the popularity of opioids has exploded across America enough to earn the title of the “opioid epidemic.”

Although the American Kratom Association doesn’t believe kratom qualifies as an opioid, kratom is certainly similar to opioids. For one, any consumers report that it feels similar to opioids. Its observable and self-reported side effects also share many of the same side effects of true-blue opioids. While using kratom as an opioid substitute isn’t currently recommended by any medical associations in the United States, thousands of users have reported success with kratom as a replacement for opioids.

Below, we’ll compare kratom with opioids and explain how kratom has great use as an opioid substitute.


No Respiratory Depression

Overdose is always a concern with opioids. Even if you’re prescribed opioids from a physician, there’s always a chance for overdose.

Opioid overdose causes symptoms such as unconsciousness, vomiting, and respiratory depression. Although the body normal sends signals to the brain to wake up when you get into compromising positions, these signals don’t get through during overdose. When combined with vomiting, you could asphyxiate and die.

Respiratory depression is another reason why opioid overdoses turn fatal. As you know, the human body needs a constant supply of oxygen to survive. Without oxygen, you can die within minutes. Opioid overdose can cause respiratory depression, in which you struggle to breathe. It can get so bad that you find yourself completely unable to breathe.

A compound called B-arrestin causes respiratory depression. Without B-arrestin, opioids wouldn’t cause respiratory depression. Alkaloids found in kratom don’t recruit B-arrestin to the brain’s opioid receptors.

In simple terms, this means you won’t suffer respiratory depression when using kratom. Many kratom users report that using too much results in the “wobbles.” The wobbles consists of a general sense of uneasiness, vertigo, and nausea. Although individual reports differ, it usually goes away within a few hours.

Consuming too much of anything is bad. Unlike with water or food, however, it’s easy to consume too many opioids. Thanks to its opioid-like effects, kratom acts as a suitable substitute to opioids for many people.


Kratom Has Analgesic Effects

Kratom is widely known for its analgesic effects. In fact, [LINK TO #2] history shows that Mitragyna speciosa has been used for at least 150 years as a painkiller throughout Southeast Asia.

Although opioids have great potential for addiction and dependency, they’re still prescribed because they’re great for reducing pain. When used responsibly, they help people live normal lives that are unhindered by never-ending pain.

Still, opioids are dangerous to use. No matter how you slice it, opioids will always be potentially dangerous. Kratom, on the other hand, isn’t so dangerous. It’s also legal in most areas and does a fine job as a painkiller.

You’ll need to experiment with different varieties to see which works the best for you. If you don’t already know, kratom strains aren’t all that different. They don’t come from different trees that have been cross-pollinated to produce genuine strains. Rather, leaves are harvested in different conditions that result in different alkaloid profiles. Producers then combine these leaves in different proportions and sell them as different varieties.

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Kratom Boosts Your Mood

Whether you’re prescribed opioids for chronic pain or not, it’s clear that opioids boost your overall mood. Even if you consider yourself happy without them, a mood boost is always nice.

Kratom users widely report that kratom boosts their mood and outlook on life, which is another great reason why kratom is a suitable alternative to opioids.

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