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How to Make Dosing Kratom Easier

Let’s get things straight: We’re some of the biggest fans of kratom that you’ll ever find. Despite our burning-hot desire for Mitragyna speciosa, it isn’t easy to dose this botanical supplement.

In this article, we’ll list out several reasons why taking kratom isn’t easy. To close, we’ll cover several strategies that can help you dose Mitragyna speciosa a little easier. If you’re still hungry to read about kratom after you finish, check out the rest of our blog. Good luck!


Kratom Tastes Terrible — There’s No Other Way to Say It!

Some things taste bad. Even chocolate, one of the world’s most popular sweets, tastes bad without some processing and additives — particularly sugar. Although we don’t know what chemical compounds are responsible for this plant’s outright terrible taste, there’s no doubt that kratom is one of the worst-tasting botanical supplements known to man.

If you haven’t tried kratom yourself, many kratom lovers say it tastes bitter. Out of necessity, most people come up with workarounds to Mitragyna speciosa‘s terrible taste on their own.


Kratom Doesn’t Dissolve in Water

As you might know, kratom is made entirely of leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. After harvesting these leaves from wild Mitragyna speciosa trees, they’re dried and cured. From this point, processors mill kratom leaves similar to how cereal manufacturers grind grain to make flour.

Most Americans who use kratom don’t have any hands-on experience with whole or crushed kratom leaves. We’ve imported crushed kratom leaves just to see what they were like. No matter how hard you try, you can’t grind them down into a fine powder with a blender or mortar and pestle.

You can imagine that swallowing crushed leaves hurts. If you want to dose kratom by swallowing it, you must use finely powdered kratom.

No matter how finely ground your kratom is, you can’t dissolve it in water. Even if you boil water, you won’t have any luck dissolving these well-ground leaves.


It’s Hydrophobic

Things that are hydrophilic absorb water from every nearby source possible. One common example of a hydrophilic substance is silica gel. Although it’s not safe to eat, food, drug, and supplement manufacturers often include silica gel with finished goods to keep moisture from spoiling them.

Hydrophobic substances, on the other hand, actively repel water. Kratom is 100% hydrophobic. This property makes kratom clump together when mixed with liquids. Even if you dump kratom directly into your mouth and chase it with a drink, a common dosing method known as toss-and-wash, it can easily clump together under your tongue, between your teeth, and around your gums.


From Our Home to Yours — Making Your Dosing Experience Better

Kratom dosing doesn’t need to be so difficult. Based on years of personal, hands-on experience, we’ve cultivated a special list of tips for improving your kratom dosing.


Use Capsules

Although most often used in pharmaceuticals, capsules are frequently used for supplements. You can find capsuled kratom here on our website or buy empty gelatin capsules and make your own kratom capsules.

While your dose will invariably take longer to kick in, you won’t deal with kratom’s bitter taste or its hydrophilic characteristics.


Try These Drinks

As you know, kratom has an extremely bad taste. Whether you toss-and-wash or use another dosing method, use orange juice or chocolate milk to gulp your kratom down.

Although you should use whichever drinks you like best, countless kratommites swear by chocolate milk and orange juice.


Try Tea

To brew kratom tea, place kratom and water in a pot and heat it to a below-boiling temperature. Add lemon juice to extract more alkaloids from your kratom.

We recommend using crushed kratom leaves when brewing tea because you’ll end up with fewer particles in your finished product. Either way, you should brew your tea for at least an hour.

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