Foods That You Can Take Kratom With

If you’ve ever taken kratom before, you know just how horrible it tastes. Even after years of taking it, I still haven’t grown accustomed to the taste of kratom.

Most people take kratom with liquids. This isn’t for everybody, however. If you take small doses, you can get away with mixing kratom in food and dosing it that way.

Ultimately, you should use whichever dosing methods that you have the best experience with. Don’t follow somebody else’s advice if it doesn’t actually work for you. With that being said, here are several ideas for foods that you can take kratom with. Adjust them to your liking and see if they work for you!



That’s right — nothing but honey. You can use this natural sweetener to make kratom pellets that are easy to mold and swallow. If you weigh your honey and kratom out ahead of time, you can use these pre-made pellets to conveniently dose your Mitragyna speciosa.

Also known as kratom honey balls, you’ll need a container to mix your honey and kratom in. You should also find some parchment paper and something to stir the ingredients around with. You could use your hands, although you’d definitely need gloves if you do so.

Start off by weighing your kratom. Since this recipe will take about an hour to complete, go ahead and use enough kratom for at least a dozen doses.

If you’d like to use these pellets to accurately dose your kratom, weigh your honey container beforehand. Keep this weight handy — you’ll need it later.

Now, gradually mix in honey while stirring it together with your kratom. Depending on the kratom you use, you may need more or less honey. This is why we don’t recommend a certain amount of honey or kratom for this recipe.

Continue adding honey until your mixture can easily be molded into balls and hold their shape. Once you’ve reached this point, start breaking chunks off and rolling them into pellets.

Place your kratom honey balls on parchment paper. We think it’s best not to let them dry completely. Avoid placing them in containers where they’ll stack on top of each other because they could fuse together.

Weigh your honey. Subtract the initial amount from your current weight. This tells you how much honey you’ve used.

Since some moisture will evaporate from the kratom honey balls before you can put them away, you should also weigh all of them once you’re done. Combine the weight of all of the honey balls. Add together the total weight of the honey and kratom used.

Subtract the current weight of the honey balls from the total combined weight of the honey and kratom. The difference will tell you how much water evaporated. Now, you’ll be able to dose your pellets accurately.

After rolling out all of your mixture, place your kratom in containers to keep them from drying out. Dry pellets can be much harder to swallow and take longer to dissolve.


Peanut Butter

In our experience, you can use peanut butter just like honey in the example above and get great results. Peanut butter is much cheaper than honey, not to mention easier to mold, so you may have better results with this ingredient.

You can also mold together peanut butter and honey to help you stretch your honey supply out or end up with a better tasting product.



If you don’t already have some, you should always keep yogurt in your fridge. You can use it as a calorie-friendly way to thicken soups and as a substitute for sour cream and other ingredients.

Yogurt is great for kratom because it’s easy to mix things together with. Make sure to grab sweetened yogurt because kratom probably won’t taste great with low-fat greek yogurt. Happy dosing!

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