Accessories That Every Kratom Lover Needs to Have

Although you only need boiling water and cheesecloth to brew coffee, countless coffee connoisseurs collect tons of coffee paraphernalia over the years, eventually becoming a full-on hobby. While you similarly only need water to take kratom, many kratom lovers develop their own routines for dosing, which can also become a hobby.

Whether you’re interested in turning kratom into a hobby or not, every self-respecting kratom lover can use accessories or equipment to improve their experience. Although we don’t use all of these ourselves, we’ve found that several accessories can improve any kratom fanatic’s experience.


Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin, which comes from animals’ connective tissue, is frequently used to make jellies and Jello, among other goods. It’s also used to make capsules. Gelatin capsules aren’t ideal for everybody, though they’re awesome for conveniently redosing while on the run.

If you take more than eight to 10 grams of kratom at a time, you might not like dosing with capsules. After swallowing, they can float to the top of your stomach, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable. However, kratom capsules are great for people who take light doses.


Capsule Filling Machines

Do you take kratom capsules more than once a month? If so, you can benefit from capsule filling machines.

Although they don’t meet most people’s idea of what a machine is, these tools can seriously improve your dosing experience. They typically take the form of plastic trays with capsule-sized holes in them. After arranging your capsules, simply pour your kratom powder over your filling machine.

In addition to helping you save tons of time, capsule filling machines can also help you pack more kratom into each capsule.


Empty Tea Bags

Brewing tea is easy. Simply drop a few tea bags into a boiling pot of water, wait a few minutes, and enjoy. The same usually can’t be said for kratom tea.

Although they’re both in the Rubiaceae family, kratom doesn’t come in tea bags like tea does. Rather than painstakingly opening prefilled tea bags, dumping their contents out, and replacing them with kratom, buy empty tea bags.

Since you might not be able to find these tea bags in stores, search for them online. Fortunately, they’re more than affordable and easy to use.


Crushed Leaf Kratom

While this isn’t a true accessory, every kratom lover should always keep some crushed leaf around.

In case you didn’t know, Southeast Asians grind kratom using mills. This process is very similar to flour milling, which involves placing grains in between two heavy metal or stone rollers to turn them into flour.

If you enjoy taking kratom powder, don’t buy crushed leaf with the intention of turning it into powder. This process requires milling equipment. While you can buy at-home mills for around $100, hand-crank or small-batch milling isn’t fun.

Consider buying crushed leaf kratom to supplement your normal supply of powdered kratom in case you ever want to brew kratom tea.

Powdered kratom won’t last long in regular tea bags. Most of this finely ground powder will seep through the holes in tea bags within a few minutes. Crushed leaf, on the other hand, won’t leak out.

If you ever drink kratom tea, crushed leaf is a must-have item.


Digital Scale

According to anecdotes from kratom fans around the planet, most use spoons to take kratom. Although common, this isn’t a good idea.

Volume is not a good measure for kratom. Rather, you should always use weight.

Since most kratom doses are between one and 15 grams, avoid using kitchen scales that only count in grams. Rather, buy digital scales that are used for gold. These scales provide measurements in the tenths of grams, helping you weigh out accurate doses whenever you want to take kratom.

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